Videos on Twitter drive the highest recall and emotional connection on any digital platform.*  Make your brand's message memorable, shareable, and replay-worthy by adding video to your Twitter advertising strategy.

Twitter video best practices

 Follow these Twitter video best practices to create content that will make a lasting impact.

6 best practices for In-Stream Video Ads on Twitter

People who see In-Stream Video Ads on Twitter are 70% more likely to recall the brand’s ad. Follow these best practices to help your brand get the most of In-Stream Video Ads on Twitter.

Data-driven tips for scroll stopping video

Tweets with video attract 10X more engagements than Tweets without video. What elements make for a standout video? Follow these best practices to start producing videos that will make a lasting impression.

3 ways your brand can start leveraging Video Website Cards

Learn three ways your brand can start leveraging the undeniable stopping power of video paired with the business impact of driving people to a landing page.

Creative roundup: Examples of impactful video campaigns

Get inspired to add video to your Twitter strategy by checking out how these brands make the most out of the medium.

Master video advertising on our platform with Twitter Flight School

Master video advertising on our platform with Twitter Flight School

Video is changing how advertisers create content on Twitter. Learn how you can tap into this engaging medium with our Twitter Flight School coursework.  With trainings designed to fit within your schedule, you’ll master creating, executing, and optimizing all of our video ads products. Plus, you can earn a Video Badge to showcase your expertise!  Coursework is available in English.

Common questions

What is a Promoted video views campaign?

The Promoted video views campaign objective is the perfect way to maximize your videos' views, as your videos will auto-play within user's timelines encouraging interaction by tap or click. 

How much does a Promoted video views campaign cost?

When you run a Promoted video views campaign, you will only be charged for the video views (either standard video view or 3s/100% view) you acquire from that campaign. Impressions that don't result in a video view are free.

How do you upload a video to your ads account?

To create video promoted-only Tweets, you will first have to upload your videos to your Ads account. Read below for steps to upload videos, as well as troubleshooting steps.

Twitter video examples from other brands

Makeup company @glossier showcased how to use their products in a short video. The video included a strong story, text overlay, and clear branding.

*Twitter internal data

Women's shoe brand @tieks created a short video featuring their different styles. The video featured their products and included clear branding.

@SahaleSnacks used a 15-second video to spotlight their delicious snacks. The video included strong branding and has a clear story without sound.

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