Promoted Trend

Feature your brand as one of the top trending topics on Twitter for 24 hours

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What is a Promoted Trend?

A Promoted Trend is an exclusive, high-impact 24-hour takeover of the top Trends list on Twitter and the Explore tab on mobile — where people go to see what’s happening in real-time. 

Trends are complemented by media-forward Companion Tweets that appear in the Home Timeline, which together help maximize awareness and conversation around a certain topic, launch, or event.

SiriusXM Canada success story

Twitter's Promoted Trend plus First View tactic delivers scale, reach, frequency, and engagement rates that other platforms haven't been able to reach.

Dylan Draper, Supervisor of Paid Social at SOCIETY@ME, Media Experts

How Promoted Trends work

Promoted Trends appear in the first or second slots of the “Trends for you” section in the Explore tab and “What’s Happening” module on When someone clicks on a Promoted Trend, they’ll see a Tweet from your brand at the top of the search results, followed by authentic Tweets directly from the conversation surrounding the trend.

Each Promoted Trend includes three key components: the #Hashtag (max 20 characters), Trend description (optional, max 70 characters), and Companion Tweets. Trends run 24 hours and reach everyone in the targeted country from midnight to midnight. Companion Tweets will appear in people’s timelines, help encourage interaction, and maximize scale and impact.

Promoted Trends can also be bundled with First View or upgraded to Promoted Trend Spotlight for greater impact.

When to use Promoted Trends

Promoted Trends are great for complementing the launch of something new or the promotion of a big event at scale. Breaking your news on Twitter with a Promoted Trend can drive mass awareness, build interest, and drive conversation around a product launch, app launch, message launch, or new promotion.

Promoted Trends also benefit brands looking to connect with what’s happening by maximizing discovery, building relevance, and securing adjacency to what you know will be trending that day — such as a cultural event, sporting event, holiday, national (topic here) day, or industry news.

Key features

  • Premium placement: Be front and center where people go to see what’s happening.

  • Exclusive ownership: Maintain 24-hour ownership of the top Trends list and Explore tab. Only one client per day per country can run a Promoted Trend.

  • Massive audience reach: Raise awareness at scale around a topic, launch, or event with Companion Tweets.

  • Ignite brand conversation with your own custom #hashtag and accompanying media Tweets in timelines.

  • Secure adjacency to what you know will be organically trending that day, from cultural events and holidays, to competitor’s launches.

  • Reservable + flat fee: Promoted Trends are easy to plan and buy in advance, allowing for efficient CPM.

Creative best practices

  • Integrate your content: Build the campaign hashtag into your creative assets — photos, videos, GIFs, etc. Pin a relevant Tweet to the top of your page for those who click through to your profile to keep the experience consistent.

  • Sustain the buzz: Extend the conversation and engagement created by the Promoted Trend by running additional campaigns with the same hashtag on the days following the Trend.
  • Leverage the audience: Use Tweet Engager targeting in future campaigns to retarget people who have engaged with or were exposed to your Promoted Trend to capitalize on that valuable audience.


Track Promoted Trend specific-metrics in Ads Manager, including Trend impressions, mentions, Tweets displays, Companion Tweet impressions, engagement rate, and impressions and clicks on your Promoted Trend hashtag.

Additionally, you can use brand effect studies to measure the “Companion Tweet” portion of your Promoted Trend buy that appears in the home timeline and shows up in search results.

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