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What is Promoted Trend Spotlight?

Promoted Trend Spotlight is a takeover ad placement that pairs the undeniable stopping power of video with the premium real estate of Twitter’s Explore tab for 24 hours. 

The Explore tab, Twitter’s collection of trending topics and hashtags, is where people go to see what’s happening, making it a prime location for advertisers to connect with Twitter’s influential audience and conversation.



Promoted Trend Spotlight generates impact throughout the funnel


higher ad recall


more likely to use the brand in the future


more likely to consider the brand

Source: EyeSee New Ad Products Research, 2018 Q. Which of the following brands do you recall seeing a Tweet for? Q. How favorable is your view of [brand]? Q. What was your overall reaction to the ad? Q. How likely are you to consider [brand] next time you look for [product]?

How Spotlight works

As an add-on to Twitter’s Promoted Trend, Spotlight supports 6-second videos, GIFs, and static images. Creatives will display on both mobile and desktop, with the ad running edge-to-edge on mobile.

Your ad will appear at the top of the Explore tab for the first two visits per person, per day. After the initial two visits, the placement will move to the standard Promoted Trend placement and organic editorial content resurfaces in the Spotlight placement. Spotlight will run 24 hours within a country from midnight to midnight and follows the same rules as the standard Promoted Trend unit.

When to use Spotlight

Similar to Promoted Trend, Spotlight is best used when you’re launching something new or connecting to what people are talking about right now. With the launch of a new product, trailer, service, or brand message, this high-impact takeover helps maximize awareness to a broad audience with engaging, immersive video. With its placement on Twitter’s Explore tab, you can seamlessly align your content with other organically trending topics that day and connect to those existing conversations. 

According to internal Twitter data, people are 3X more likely to click-through an ad in the Spotlight unit than the standard Promoted Trend — making it the perfect product to put your message in.

Key features

  • Captures attention: Promoted Trend Spotlight captures attention and reinforces your message with immersive, full-width video creative.

  • Differentiates your brand: Located at the top of the Explore tab, Promoted Trend Spotlight differentiates your brand from other placements on Twitter by appearing next to highly-curated editorial content.

  • Surfaces conversation: Tying together the prominent placement and expansive coverage of Twitter’s Explore tab, brands have the opportunity to generate conversation and invite discussion.

Creative best practices

  • Keep it simple: Focus your copy and creative on a single topic, and make it declarative and intriguing. Avoid click-bait phrases. Use the Trend description to provide further context if needed, but don’t duplicate your hashtag or handle as they will have their own placements.
  • Keep it visual: Use videos that are 5-6 seconds long to ensure a continuous clean loop, and allow sufficient buffer time for viewers to see your logo or CTA before it replays. Don’t use a white background, place your logo in the top-left corner or middle of the frame, and avoid flashing or too much text overlay.

  • Use Spotlight Creative Swapping to swap your creative on the day you’re running your Spotlight. This feature gives you the flexibility to extend your message and further tell your story.


Track Spotlight specific-metrics in Ads Manager, including Spotlight impressions, Impressions split by hashtag & Tweets, Clicks on hashtag, and Clicks on Spotlight creative. 

Additionally, you can use third-party brand surveys to help you understand if your campaign is driving brand lift metrics such as awareness, recall, consideration, and more.

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