Tweet Composer

How to spend less time building Tweets and more time building your brand

Ready to launch your Twitter Ads campaign?

The Tweet is the basic building block of any Twitter Ads campaign.
The Tweet Composer is a faster, easier, and more streamlined way for you to create, duplicate, and edit your Tweets. Build the entire Tweet — from start to finish — in one surface to cut down on complexity and wasted time, giving you the freedom to spend more time on other tasks.

Top features of the Tweet Composer

One-stop shop

The Tweet Composer eliminates the need to upload and create modular aspects of a Tweet within multiple surfaces of Ads Manager.

You’ll be able to input your Tweet copy, upload or select the media you want to use, and imbue the Tweet with either Website or App functionality in one intuitive form.

Real-time previews

As each component is selected and each change is made, you'll be able to see a real-time preview of how your Tweet will render on both Mobile and Desktop.

By pulling this preview into the Tweet Composition experience, you can easily ensure that your Tweets look great before Tweeting or Scheduling your content.

Tweet duplication

Creating multiple permutations of your Tweets has never been easier. You’ll now be able to duplicate any existing Tweet and make the necessary edits to update or refresh your content.

How do I use the Tweet Composer?

Follow these steps to navigate the Tweet Composer:

1. You'll first be prompted to add your Tweet copy.

In some cases, you may want to take control of the conversations you have on Twitter by deciding who can reply to your Tweets and join the discussion. Use the dropdown below the Tweet text box to make your selection.

The remainder of the workflow is then determined based on the selected Tweet tile - ‘Photo or video’ or ‘Carousel’. Learn more about Carousels.

2. Then, you'll be prompted to either upload your creative photo, video, or GIF assets or select an existing one from in Media Studio that you want to use in your Tweet.

For Carousels, you need to upload a minimum of 2 assets.

3. Select the format in which you’d like your media to be displayed in order to drive people on Twitter towards your marketing goals.

You can choose to encourage people to interact with your  Website or App, or you can choose to simply include your Image or Video without added functionality. Please note that for Carousels, you must choose either a website or app destination.

#ProTip: For best results, choose Website functionality for website clicks campaigns, and App functionality for app install and app re-engagement campaigns. These formats can also be used in organic Tweets.

4. You'll be prompted to input required fields based on the functionality you choose.

For Website functionality (shown on the right), you need to add a Card name (only visible to you), a headline, and website URL.

For App functionality, you need to add a Card name (only visible to you), choose a call-to-action (choose from "Install", "Play", "Shop", "Book", "Connect", "Order", or "Open"), primary app store (choose from list of locations), and platform (iPhone, iPad, and/or Android).

5. All done! You can now publish your Tweet, save it as a Draft, Schedule it, and/or Create a duplicate. Please note that Tweets that use conversation settings can not be saved as a draft or scheduled.

Repeat the same steps to create more Tweets.

Any questions? Visit our Help Center.

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