5 things to Tweet this June

Marissa Window
By Marissa Window

It's time to bring out the sunscreen and pack your bags for vacation. The sun shinning and the beaches attracting crowds can only mean one thing — summer is officially in the air.

Today we’re sharing five things to Tweet about this June, illustrated with examples. By following and experimenting with these approaches, you won’t just be inserting yourself into the conversation for the sake of it; you’ll share your brand, add value, and express your personality in a genuine way.

Tweet a poll

Twitter polls are a great way to interact with your audience to understand where people stand. Get creative and ask a variety of questions, from product feedback to their favorite spring activity. When the poll is over, a push notification is sent to all participants, driving engagement back to your content.

@ComplexMusic uses polls to find out what song their followers are loving this summer.

Use Tweet threads

Sometimes you want to tell a developing story, resurface a related Tweet, or simply talk for more than 140 characters. When that happens, it's Tweet threading time! Incorporating Tweet threads into your content strategy will allow you to tell a story that continues throughout the season.

Makeup brand @milkmakeup uses Tweet threads to announce their new summer products.

Show off your most popular products with video

Tweet out videos of your newest or most popular items this season. Since videos play automatically on Twitter, it's an impactful way to grab your audience's attention and attract new customers. 

@SujaJuice uses to video to spotlight one of their seasonal juices.

Run a contest

Increase Tweet engagements and attract new customers by running a seasonal contest.

@KINDSnacks encourages engagement by running the #KINDRaisetheBar contest.

Share seasonal tips and tricks

People are looking for helpful content that will help make their lives a little bit easier. Highlight your expertise by Tweeting seasonal tips, DIY ideas, and tricks.

@Stitchfix shares their fashion expertise.

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