Get to know your followers with Twitter audience insights


Whether you’re a food blogger looking to expand your content topics or a chain restaurant trying to decide the right promotion for your customers, it’s crucial you connect authentically with your Twitter audience

Audience demographic information may seem out of reach, but it’s just a click away with Twitter audience insights.

Accessing your Twitter audience insights

Everyone who uses Twitter has audience insights available to them. To access yours, click on your Twitter profile photo to bring up a menu bar. Click on Analytics in that pulldown menu.

From your Analytics homepage, click on Audiences in the top navigation. This brings you to your audience insights homepage.

Find the right time to Tweet

First and foremost, your audience insights will help expand your reach on Twitter by uncovering when your audience is most likely to be online. Many brands schedule Tweets based on their local office hours. But that’s not necessarily when their audience is online.

For example, you may be located in California, and have a sizable audience there, but also have a number of followers on the East Coast and in the UK. That means you’ll want to start Tweeting earlier in the day and schedule your most important Tweets when you have significant audience overlap.

Get to know what your audience is interested In

It can be easy to assume your customers have the same shared pool of interests. The Lifestyle tab in Twitter audience insights spells out the top interests your audience shares, as well as their top TV genres. Your audience interests are good indicators of what content will be most likely to drive engagement.  This information can help you decide if a sports analogy will resonate with your audience, or if a Bachelor reference is a better fit. 

Compare your audience to Twitter at large

Interested in understanding how your audience’s interests compared to that of Twitter users as a whole? Click on “add a comparison audience” underneath your account name on your audience insights homepage.

Now, you can see how much more or less devoted your audience is to various TV genres, and how their interests compared to the Twitter audience as a whole. Hone in on content that reflects areas where they have significant differences from the norm. Create content that reflects their uniquely compelling consumer purchase profile and interest areas.

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