May 2019 lineup: Key dates for Twitter marketers

Lindsay Bruce

By Lindsay Bruce

April 29, 2019
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April showers bring May flowers — and a lot of conversations on Twitter. With an array of sporting events, high-fashion moments and nods to pop culture, it’s a month packed with engagement opportunities for brands.

As you fill out this month's content calendar, here are some dates to keep in mind.

Events happening around the world this May:

#StarWarsDay (196M Tweet Impressions): May 4th

#CincoDeMayo (196M Tweet Impressions): May 5th

#METGala (25M Tweet Impressions): May 6th

Events happening in the U.S.:

Ready, set, go! In the United States, people on Twitter will cheer on their favorites in the #KentuckyDerby on May 4th, and the #Indy500 on May 26th. Off the racetrack, golf-lovers will tune in to the #PGAChampionship on May 16th to see who takes home the title.

On a sentimental note, people will come to Twitter to celebrate #MothersDay, May 12th, and commemorate #MemorialDay, May 27th.

Events happening in Europe:

In Europe, people will turn up their speakers for the #Eurovision song contest, May 14-18. Around that time, cinema lovers will check their timelines for updates from #Cannes2019 Film Festival, May 14-25, and timelines are likely to erupt as football fans engage around the #FACupFinal, May 18th.

For sci-fi and gaming fans, the end of the month promises lively conversation as people read and share updates from the much-anticipated 
#MCMComicCon, May 24-26. Also anticipated, the #EUelections2019, May 23-26.

Events happening in the Middle East:

May 2nd, football fans will tune in as they watch the #SaudiProfessionalLeague Final. Starting a few days later, people will share Tweets celebrating #Ramadan, May 5 - June 4.

Download our 2019 Twitter marketing calendar to help plan your campaigns around these key dates, and follow @TwitterBusiness for tips on how to thoughtfully frame your content and creative throughout the month.

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