How a startup found success with Twitter Ads

Sandra Vega

By Sandra Vega

November 10, 2016

We were so inspired by the innovative work we saw in the #TwitterAwards.

We want to highlight one small business in particular who stood out in using Twitter Ads to grow their presence and drive business results.

Campaign recap

Twitter is where the conversation happens. @SparkPost, an email delivery service for developers, tapped into the conversation to bring brand awareness and provide a solution for developers looking for an email alternative. They used Twitter’s advanced search to reach users across the globe with their email solution.

In order to jump ahead the competition and drive blog visits and sign ups, they used Website Cards to showcase their solution. By using handle targeting, they were able to target their partners, competitors, and developers. 

How’d it go?

@SparkPost made themselves known among the developer community. They saw more than 2 million impressions and more than 3,000 new accounts in a 68 day period. Not only did they see their brand recognition grow, but created a thriving community of brand advocates.

"The real win was building the community that we now have. They provide invaluable feedback and we have real conversations on Twitter. They are true brand advocates for us and Twitter made that happen. #Grateful" 

— Tracy Sestili, Director of Social Media at SparkPost

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