12 video Tweet ideas for your business

By Lindsay Crider

If you've found yourself watching more videos on Twitter these days, you aren't alone. Twitter has seen a 62% increase in daily video views year-over-year.¹ To help your business make the most of this format, we've listed some ideas and examples, below, showing how video can help amplify your message.

(Spoiler: you can create most with the camera on your smartphone.)


Chances are no one knows your products better than you do. Why not share some knowledge? From setup instructions to pro-tips, this format can provide valuable information to new and prospective customers. 

@jonessodaco uses video to show how to create a homemade treat with their soda.


Engage directly with your audience by answering an FAQ, interviewing a thought leader, or doing a casual Q&A with employees. 

@clarkes_hco uses video to answer a question for patients.

Live video 

Engage with followers in real-time with live video. Some ideas: make an announcement, go behind-the-scenes, or share a celebration.

@NYCParks uses live video to bring viewers along on a walk through a local park.


Not all videos have to be, well, videos. You can use a collection of frames or images to create stop-motion films and GIFs that grab the eye without using traditional recording. 

The opening of this video from @Soakbath2020 shows how simple movements can make for standout visuals.

Gift guide

Make a video that highlights your products as gifts for an upcoming season, event, or holiday.

This video from @believeinbubu provides gift ideas while showcasing their products.

Product forward

Make your products the star of the show by adding simple text or motion to a video or picture. 

@FlauntingP shines a spotlight on their products with a short video.

Customer spotlight

Feature a customer to share their story, tips, or review of your product. If they can't send a video, consider asking their permission to have a recorded video call where you can conduct an interview or otherwise capture content. 

@KeapGrowing uses video to highlight a customer review.


Easily add motion to your media by creating a slideshow of still images.

@allloveaarde shows off multiple products with a seasonal slideshow.

Data visualization

Look for data points that are valuable to your audience, whether it's about your industry, your customers, or your brand in particular.

This Tweet from @BetterUp uses an animated chart to share a data point with customers.

Before and after

There is something incredibly satisfying about before and after videos, and the benefit isn't just for the viewer.

This format is a great way to showcase aspects of your product in a short, Tweet-friendly length of time. Use it to showcase effectiveness, competitive advantage, or –– as in the below example –– ease of use.

@BostitchOffice efficiently communicates the "after" design and lighting with this short video.


Help prospective customers envision their own unboxing with a video reveal. 

@blissworld gives customers a first-hand view of what to expect when opening their product.

User-generated content (UGC)

The best content about your business may not actually come from your business — oftentimes, it can come from customers. Leverage user-generated content (with permission, of course) to show the human side of your brand and fit in naturally with your followers' timelines.

@PellenceUK shares a customer's video of one of their battery-powered power tools in use.

Want more video inspiration? Check out our video resources page for examples, best practices, and tips for effective video on Twitter.

¹Source: Twitter internal research 2019-2020

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