Ads account management

Here you can find answers to the most common questions relating to Twitter Ads accounts. Remember, your Twitter Ads account is separate from your regular Twitter account.


Log into Twitter Ads

First, make sure you've created a Twitter Ads account.

To log into your Twitter Ads account: 

  1. Go to and log in to the handle that your ads account is associated with. If you are using multi-user login, log in to the handle you're managing the ads account from.
  2. From there, go to
  3. If you have multiple ads accounts, click your account name in the top right corner, and then "Switch accounts".
  4. Select the ads account you want to view.
  5. You'll be directed to the ads manager, where you can view and manage your campaigns.


To advertise on Twitter, you must comply with our Twitter Ads policies.

If your account is ineligible for Twitter Ads and you want your account reviewed, learn more about our eligibility requirements.



Multi-user login

In order to help advertisers manage Twitter Ads campaigns more effectively and securely, we allow different levels of access to individuals affiliated with a brand or Twitter handle. Multiple users may be given access to a single advertising account. Each user will log in with their own credentials and will be able to access the advertising accounts to which they have access. If you’re managing multiple accounts, you’ll need to log in directly to to update billing information.

This feature can reduce risk of malicious or erroneous issues with your business or brand’s handle(s) by granting access to more of your team without sharing the password to your main account(s). It can also help reduce friction for users who manage ads for more than one ads account on Twitter.

Learn more about multi-user login.




Our verification application process is available globally through your Twitter account settings. To learn more about eligibility and how to apply, please read more here.



Changing or swapping accounts

At this time, we don't have a process for releasing registered usernames to advertisers using the self-service Twitter Ads product or to the public, unless you're working with a dedicated Twitter Account Manager.

To request a dedicated account manager, please fill out this form. If you're an agency requesting an account manager, please email

If you feel you have a trademark claim against a handle, please submit a ticket to our trademark team.



Delete an ads account

It's not possible to delete a Twitter Ads account, as your ads account is connected to your Twitter account. However, you can cancel the ads account to ensure no charges occur on your account. In order to stop using your Twitter Ads account, you must first stop any active campaigns.

You can pause or delete your ad campaigns in two different locations — on the campaign summary page or on the individual campaign setup page.

  • To pause a campaign on the campaign summary page, click the small pause icon located next to the corresponding campaign.
  • To pause a campaign on an individual campaign setup page, click the "Pause campaign" button.

Once you pause a campaign, it may take a short amount of time for our advertising servers to register the change. Therefore, there might be a small amount of spend that occurs after the campaign has been paused. This is expected behavior.

To delete your credit card, navigate to “Account” > “Payment Methods” > “Delete this card”. Note this will only be clickable if your campaigns have been paused for 48 hours and you don't have an unbilled balance.

Once the actions outlined above have been completed, no further action is needed to cancel your Twitter Ads account. 



Account settings

The account settings page allows you to update your account name, contact information, and notification preferences. 

If you want to improve your advertising experience, you can add a contact phone number and specify which industry your ads relate to. 

There is also an option to update your email address and choose the notifications you want to receive. You can opt out of notifications related to:

  • Changes in campaign status
  • Account performance summary
  • Performance improvement suggestions

You’ll always receive notifications for policy changes, approval status, card payments, and billing.

To access the account settings page, log in to your Twitter Ads account at and click on your account name on the top-right corner. From the drop-down menu that appears, click “Account settings” and then “Tell us how you want to be contacted”.



Twitter account issues (non-Twitter Ads)

For non-Twitter Ads issues, such as a hacked account, login issues, or harassment, contact our Twitter support team. Please note that the ads support team is not responsible for Twitter account issues and won't be able to assist in the process.



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Frequently asked questions

How do I contact the Twitter Ads support team?

If you have any additional questions related to Twitter Ads, contact our ads support team by:

If you're experiencing an issue with your account not related to Twitter Ads, such as a hacked or suspended account, please reach out to our Twitter support team.

I want a dedicated Account Manager for my ads account

Certain advertisers may be eligible to work with a Twitter Account Manager. To see if you qualify, please fill out this form. If you're an agency requesting an account manager, please email

Our team will respond to qualifying advertisers and direct them to the proper channels. Please note this team is active during PST business hours. 

How do I change the time zone or currency of my ads account?

Time zone and currency elections cannot be changed once you've created your ads account. Please contact our Twitter Ads support team and request a new ads account to be generated, where you can choose your preferred time zone and currency. 

In your new ads account: 

  • You will need to add a payment method
  • Existing campaigns are not carried over
  • The account owner must request and confirm new account creation
  • Your new ads account will be subject to our ads policy review, which can take up to 2 weeks



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