Ads transparency

We launched the Twitter Ads Transparency Center (ATC) in June 2018 to provide greater insight around Political and Issue ads on the platform. With the official prohibition of both Political and Issue Ads on Twitter in November 2019 and the establishment of a mandatory Cause-Based Ad certification and review process, the ATC no longer provides its original intended value.

To replace the ATC and maintain the same levels of transparency, Twitter is now providing an archived version of ATC data from all Political ads that ran between May 24, 2018 and November 22, 2019 and Issue ads that ran between August 08, 2018 and November 22, 2019. If you’re interested in learning more about any and all ads being served to you, you can download this information by clicking on Your Account in the Settings & Privacy tab.


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As of November 22, 2019, we updated our Political Content Policy to not allow the following types of advertising:

Political advertising [Prohibited]

Ads for federal or general elections are no longer allowed. You can download an archive of political ads that ran from May 24, 2018 to November 22, 2019.

Download .TXT

Issue advertising (US only) [Prohibited]

Ads that refer to candidates or elections, as well as those advocating on issues of national legislative importance, are also prohibited. You can download an archive of issue ads that ran from August 08, 2018 to November 22, 2019. 

Download .TXT

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