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About Quick Promote

Quick Promote allows all professionals to seamlessly run an ad campaign on Twitter with just a few clicks. After selecting a promotable Tweet from their timeline, professionals can further customize their Quick Promote campaign by defining targeting (via location, age, and gender) and campaign duration.


Quick Promote lets you quickly and easily promote Tweets to a larger audience in a few simple clicks. It’s an ideal tool for professionals who would like to promote their Tweets without having to use the Twitter Ads campaign manager.

All Professional Account users with a Twitter Ads account can access Quick Promote. 

You can convert to a Professional Account in the Quick Promote campaign flows. To learn how to make an ad account, click here.

Follow these steps to launch your Quick Promote campaign:

  1. Find the Tweet you would like to promote from your Timeline and click the “Tweet Activity” button. 

  2. Click “Promote this Tweet”

  3. From there you will be able to define your target audience, your budget, and the campaign’s duration. You will be able to see an estimate of how many impressions and engagements you’ll receive from the promotion as you configure.

    • If you do not have a credit card on file, you will be prompted to add your credit card and billing details. 

  4. After reviewing your promotion, click “Create Promotion”.

  5. Once your campaign is approved, your Tweet will begin showing as a promoted Tweet in user timelines. 

You can customize your Quick Promote campaign by defining your target audience, budget, and duration. 

  • Audience Targeting:

    • You can target by location (country and city level), age, and gender. 

  • Budget:

    • You can choose between nine options, ranging from $10 USD to $5,000 USD (or your local equivalent). 

  • Duration:

    • You can choose to run your campaign for up to 30 days.

Tweets promoted with Quick Promote look like any other ad in your Twitter Timeline.

You can easily review the results of your Quick Promote campaign by clicking on the “Tweet Activity” icon on any of your promoted Tweets. 

Note: you will only be able to see the Tweet Activity data for your own Tweets and you can not promote other user’s Tweets.

You can update your Quick Promote campaign from Twitter Ads Manager at any time during the campaign’s duration. 

Once in Twitter Ads Manager, you can select the Tweet you’ve promoted with Quick Promote and click on the Edit button to make your updates.

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