Bring a relevant audience to your site

Twitter has a wide range of targeting options designed to let you talk to the right users at the right times.

Four options that are particularly useful when trying to increase website visits and convert users are based on powerful signals of intent. Here are some scenarios to show you the possibilities.


A speaker targets users who follow conference handles with ads linking to their blog.


An outdoor equipment and travel company targets users who are Tweeting about vacation plans with ads featuring a Twitter-exclusive discount code. and linking to their upcoming trips.

Tailored Audiences

A B2B software firm uploads their email marketing list and targets users who subscribe with ads offering a free demonstration of their product and linking to a landing page.


A fashion company sets up conversion tracking and targets users who place items in their cart with ads reminding them they’re just one step away.

In addition to connecting based on users’ behaviors and interests, you can also narrow by geography and demographic characteristics to ensure that your campaigns are focused on the most impactful audience.

Learn more about all of Twitter’s targeting options, or click through below to start a campaign. 

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