Legal advice platform increases its pool of accessible lawyers (@anwaltde) is a German website that offers help to people in need of legal advice. Lawyers can register with the site to receive requests from potential clients and offer specific legal services at a fixed rate. They can also access other services such as finding other lawyers to represent them in court.

Campaign Objective

A website clicks campaign was used to encourage lawyers to sign up to the website. Specifically, the company wanted to target lawyers who had started to register for an account with the site within the previous 90 days, but hadn’t completed the process.


The target audience consisted of lawyers aged 25+ living in Germany. Targeting options enabled to exclude those already registered with their site and find similar audiences to increase sign-ups.




“Through the remarketing campaign on Twitter, we saw an increase in users that was double that of other comparable channels.”


— Georg von der Wense, Online Marketing Manager, services AG

Keys to success

Use a clear and concise advertising message

Use a clear and concise advertising message

As many lawyers are active on Twitter, used short statements to focus specifically on this target audience. Their team deliberately chose images that represented the legal profession in a positive manner. They also found that a clearly visible, colourful call-to-action (CTA) button helped to increase the performance of the ads.

Constantly optimise campaign content

Constantly optimise campaign content

A/B testing helped to find out which content elements resulted in more conversions. Among other things, they tried out different images, forms of address, and CTAs. In this case, charts providing a market overview and customer testimonials proved to be especially successful.

Track micro conversions

Track micro conversions

Micro conversions generate additional data on the customer journey. By using micro conversions, could see which ads led to higher conversion rates. This data also enabled them to simplify their contact form. Identifying where and why people abandoned the registration process meant they could turn more leads into full sign-ups.

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