Eye specialist shares its vision with new followers

The Instituto de Microcirugía Ocular or IMO (@imobarcelona) in Barcelona is an internationally renowned ophthalmology centre. Its mission is to care for the eye health of patients through treatment, prevention, and research.

Campaign objective

The IMO used a followers campaign to reach out to a wider audience with two main goals in mind. The first was to increase awareness of the brand and the services the institute offers. The second was to interact with this increased following to share the latest news, information about eye health, and invitations to events.


In general terms, the target audience consisted of people interested in health issues, eye health, and ophthalmology in Spain and Spanish-speaking countries.



increase in followers in 3 years

"Investing in expanding the size of our Twitter audience led to excellent results, as every day it helps us to ensure that our messages have a good quality organic impact."

— Silvia Herrera, Online Marketing, IMO Barcelona

Keys to success

Quality over quantity

Quality over quantity

An essential element of planning a followers campaign is creating a target profile. The number of followers gained may be important, but even more important is the quality of those followers. The IMO didn’t just want numbers. It wanted to reach out to people who would be genuinely interested in its services and could benefit from its Tweets.

Use targeting to find an audience

Use targeting to find an audience

The IMO made full use of the wealth of targeting options offered by Twitter. Because it had a specific profile in mind, it could narrow the scope of its ad campaign. Options such as follower, interest, keyword, and geo-targeting meant that the institute could be sure that it was reaching the right people.

Build a community

Build a community

The primary objective of a followers campaign is to gain new followers, but it’s also important to work to retain them. The IMO is well aware of this, and aims to keep its followers engaged in the discussion. By complementing its initial campaign with strong organic content, it has been able to build a community with a greater affinity towards its messages. 

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