Networking app increases downloads among business travellers

Invitly (@invitly) is a geo-targeted networking app that enables professionals to meet up over a drink or meal. Designed to empower business travellers in the same city to make better use of their downtime, Invitly users can quickly and easily send or respond to invitations.

Campaign objective

Invitly wanted to drive a specific demographic to their app, so used an app installs campaign to attract new app users from across the globe.


Invitly targeted professionals who were likely to travel regularly on business and would therefore benefit from the app.



of followers who saw the campaign installed the app

“I find the Twitter Ads platform very straightforward, with good targeting options and high-quality users.” 

— Lina Rödin, Head of Marketing, invitly

Keys to success

Test, test, and test again

Test, test, and test again

Invitly found that thorough testing was the key to success. In particular, A/B testing provided them with the data that they needed to ensure that they could meet their goals. By changing a single element each time (such as the image, text, or call-to-action) they were able to see exactly what made a difference to their campaign.

Create campaigns based on the target audience

Create campaigns based on the target audience

Although Invitly were looking to target a specific demographic, they knew that this would involve several distinct audiences. They were able to tailor their campaign to each of these audiences by using features such as look-alike targeting and keyword targeting. They could maximise their response rates by seeing what worked best for each country and market segment.

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