Over 50s dating app boosts installs to bring more people together

Lumen (@lumenapp) is a free dating app specifically designed for people aged 50+. Committed to maintaining the integrity of its community, it requires all users to submit a selfie to prove that they are genuine. Launched in the UK in September 2018, it now has more than 1.3 million users worldwide.

Campaign objective

The team at Lumen used an app installs campaign to encourage more people to sign up for their service. Twitter was chosen because it provided the opportunity to get the word out to the greatest number of people at the lowest possible cost-per-install or CPI.


Just like the app itself, the Lumen team aimed their campaign at single people aged 50 and over. By using Twitter’s wealth of targeting options, they could get connect their app with the relevant audience.




New registered users

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“Twitter Ads helped us scale Lumen user acquisition across 8 markets while reducing our overall CPI. Their advanced follower targeting and audience targeting features also enabled us to reach users who had not been exposed to our brand.”



— Edouard Daunizeau, Head of Growth, Lumen

Keys to success

Do the research

Do the research

The Lumen team used follower targeting to reach out to people who followed specific accounts. To make the most of this targeting method, they researched and developed a list of accounts that would be most relevant to their business. This enabled them to tap into an audience that may not have otherwise heard about their app.

Go big

Go big

Starting with the largest possible audience provides many opportunities to refine and optimise advertising spend. Lumen have a strategy of optimising creative and launching new images/ad copy tests every 4–5 days. They then cut this down to the best performing ads when they have statistically significant results to work with.

Create high quality original content

Create high quality original content

People will quickly tire of seeing the same old things. Stock photos and headlines they’ve seen many times will do nothing to capture their interest. Lumen organise photoshoots using models who are genuinely in their target age group, and create content that is truly relatable.

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