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A mobile phone operator celebrates with their audience on Twitter

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NRJ Mobile (@NRJMobile) is a mobile phone operator with more than 1.7 million customers. To celebrate the anniversary of France’s FIFA World Cup win, NRJ teamed up with renowned Twitter celebrity Philou (@philousports). Known as the ‘king of the GIF’, Philou specialises in sports content, and agreed to use NRJ’s hashtag #LafêteNRJMobile on his Tweets.

Campaign objective

This campaign was all about raising awareness of the NRJ Mobile brand. The company wanted to get more eyes on its posts, as well as to increase interaction. NRJ is positioned as a young, fresh brand, and is not afraid to be different. It aimed to get people talking by capitalising on news and current events.

NRJ Mobile used a Promoted Trend to maximize participation in the celebration. 


Because NRJ Mobile ran a Promoted Trend campaign, their high-impact ads were automatically served to everyone in France for 24 hours.

In this Tweet, influencer @philousports replied to @NRJMobile to wish a happy anniversary to the French FIFA team.



Tweet impressions in 24 hours


impressions in 24 hours for the #LafêteNRJMobile Promoted Trend 

Keys to success

Connect with events

A Promoted Trend can be triggered on a specific day to coincide with a particular event. People come to Twitter to talk about what’s happening, and choosing a date that’s of national or cultural significance can be a great way to get a brand noticed.

NRJ Mobile used the anniversary of France’s FIFA World Cup win to highlight their hashtag #LafêteNRJMobile and stimulate conversation.

This image shows how @NRJMobile's Promoted Trend appeared on Twitter's "Explore" tab.

Leverage influencers to build brand awareness

Partnering with Twitter recognized personalities on Twitter is another way to get a brand noticed. Choosing someone who has an affinity for the brand and a loyal following can be a powerful tactic.

By working with Philou, NRJ Mobile immediately gained access to his legion of followers. The company could quickly reach a wider audience and stimulate engagement.

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In this Tweet, influencer @philousports replied to @NRJMobile to wish a happy anniversary to the French FIFA team.

Encourage wider interaction

NRJ Mobile found that teaming thought-provoking content with Twitter polls was an excellent way to instigate further discussion. People could make their opinions known with a single click, but also had the option to explain their decisions.

When the poll is over, all participants receive a notification, which helps to bring them back to your content.

In this Tweet, @NRJMobile ran a Twitter poll on #WorldEmojiDay asking people to vote on which of the following emojis didn't exist yet.

Twitter enabled us to capitalize on an event and step out of the box to expose NRJ Mobile to a massive audience for engagement and discussion.

Nicolas Meunier, Head of Communication at NRJ Mobile
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