Technology business uses Twitter around major launch event

Innovative company what3words (@what3words) offers the world a really simple way to talk about location. They’ve divided the entire globe into a grid of 3m x 3m squares and given each square a unique three-word address. This system enables anyone, anywhere to easily identify and share their precise location.

Campaign objective

Campaign objective

The main goal of this campaign was to raise awareness of the what3words technology being integrated into Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

They ran a reach campaign and chose to optimize the performance for “reach with engagement” to ensure their campaign was exposed to more of their target audience while preserving the engagement rate.



Using a combination of location, keyword, and handle targeting they aimed to reach an urban, affluent audience.




lower cost per thousand impressions than industry benchmark

“Twitter was chosen as the best platform to deliver a live and open conversation, with people engaging and sharing the live stream.”

— Simon Sothcott, Head of Media, what3words

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Keys to success

Combine paid and organic activity

Combine paid and organic activity

As well as running a Twitter Ads campaign, what3words made good use of organic Tweets. This enabled them to amplify their impact. They live Tweeted quotes and images and engaged in conversation on Twitter during the event, and afterwards they created a highlight video which they pinned to the top of their timeline.

Evaluate and optimise

Evaluate and optimise

Data from Twitter Ads Manager was leveraged by what3words to enhance their creative and targeting techniques. They tested the ad copy, images, video, timing, and targeting of seven individual tweets to see which components gave them the results they wanted.

Take a phased approach

The what3words campaign was centered around a specific event. To maximize the opportunity they took a three-phase approach with different objectives. First, they created anticipation ahead of the live launch event. Then, they encouraged interaction during the event. Finally, they focused on driving website visits after the event. They prepared content for the various stages well in advance and combined this with responsive, live activity.

Because of this approach the what3words team was able to adjust their budget at each stage and carefully control the campaign delivery.


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