An energy company effectively communicates its point of view

Wintershall (@Wintershall_com) is Germany's largest crude oil and natural gas producer. The company employs a workforce of about 2,000 employees all over the world and has formed many successful international partnerships.    

Campaign objective

Wintershall took part in the World Gas Conference in Washington and, during the run-up, wanted to publicise their views on natural gas within the energy industry. The concrete goals were to raise awareness of the brand amongst the target audience and to increase engagement (Retweets, comments, or likes).


Wintershall wanted to reach those who would be likely to attend the World Gas Conference or had a general interest in the energy industry. This included journalists, politicians, and influencers within the energy sector.



impressions for 25 Tweets

“Twitter is the perfect tool for Wintershall to communicate their opinions to an expert target audience in different countries on attractive terms.”

— Patrizia Simeoni, Manager, Internal Communication & Digital Channels

Keys to success

Plan Tweets in advance

Plan Tweets in advance

Creating Tweets well before a campaign is due to start helps ensure a high level of flexibility. Wintershall finalised the advertising messages for their campaign two weeks in advance and then started to develop the text, charts, and visual statements.

Find target audiences with a mix of targeting options

Find target audiences with a mix of targeting options

Twitter Ads offers many targeting options that can be used to reach relevant target audiences. In addition to relevant keywords and geo-targeting, Wintershall used behaviour targeting to reach influencers (using the option “US – Group to influence public policy or government”). Behaviour targeting is only available for campaigns in the US and UK.

Use Twitter Cards to create visually appealing tweets

Use Twitter Cards to create visually appealing tweets

Twitter Cards provide a range of formats for creating Tweets with images, videos, or app download options. For Wintershall, this meant that designing the Tweets was a lot simpler and they could ensure that their content was presented in a visually effective manner.

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