Target based on how people access Twitter

With over 80% of users accessing Twitter from their mobile device,* it's important to ensure your Twitter Ads are relevant and optimized for a mobile audience.

To control the types of devices that people are viewing your ads on, you can use device targeting. 

Types of device targeting

You can reach audiences based on their:

  • operating system version
  • specific device
  • wifi connectivity (for app installs and app re-engagements campaigns only)
  • mobile carrier
  • new devices

Learn how businesses around the world have used device targeting to reach their target audiences.

Device targeting best practices

  1. Segment by device

    Split your campaigns between different operating systems, since Android and iOS users can behave differently.

  2. Offer an optimized experience

    Make sure your website or landing page is optimized for mobile viewing.

  3. Reach users with new devices

    Target users who have accessed Twitter from a newly purchased phone or tablet as they’re most likely to be interested in new apps or services.

  4. Use segmentation reporting

    Select device in Twitter Ads campaign dashboard to view the OS versions and specific devices of users engaging with your campaigns. This information can help you optimize future campaigns.

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*Twitter, internal data

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