Target over 200 markets

Twitter is a global product, but at times you may want to focus on users in specific locations to achieve your business objectives.

Whether your ideal customers are located down the street, across the country or around the world, Twitter’s geo-targeting enables you to reach the audience that best fits the scope of your business and its aspirations.

Reach both broad and specific audiences through a combination of local, national and international level geo-targeting with Twitter Ads.

Country-level granular targeting (by region, metro, postal or zip code)

23 provinces

8 states
2,643 postal codes

27 states

10 provinces
1,638 postal codes

15 regions

32 depts.

25 regions
330 metros
6k postal codes

16 regions

34 provinces

20 regions
110 provinces

47 prefectures

32 states
6K postal codes

12 sub-regions
4,040 postal codes

New Zealand
16 regions

428 municipalities

5 regions

19 autonomies
50 provinces
6K postal codes

290 municipalities

United Kingdom
9 regions
5 metros
9K postal codes

United States
50 states
200 metros
12K postal codes

How to geo-target on Twitter

  1. You’ll see the option to geo-target your campaigns within the targeting section of your Twitter Ads interface when creating a new campaign or editing an existing one.

  2. Type the country, state, metro area or zip code you’d like to target in the search bar. Hit enter/return/tab to autofill the highlighted option from the dropdown menu. In order for your geo-targeting to save correctly, it must appear below the dropdown menu.

  3. To import multiple locations, press the Import Multiple Locations button. A blank screen will populate and you can enter states, regions or countries on separate lines. Separating by commas on the same line will not work. When finished, press the Verify Locations button. If a location is incorrect, the system will not save it and it will not appear below the dropdown menu. 

When targeting multiple locations, keep in mind that if you target a broad area (e.g. Canada) as well as a more specific region within it (e.g. Nova Scotia), the scope of your geo-targeting will default to the larger region.

How to target by language

The campaign settings default to targeting all languages, but you can limit targeting to users who understand specific languages if preferred. 

  • For example, if you’re targeting users in Spain, France and Germany, but are running an English-language campaign, you may want to only target users in those countries who understand English. 
  • Or, if you wanted to only-reach Spanish-speaking Americans, you could create a campaign that was geo-targeted to the United States and refine by users who understand Spanish. 

We use a number of different signals to determine a user’s language, including the language selected in a user’s profile settings and the languages that correspond to a user’s activity on Twitter. A user can be targetable by multiple languages if we infer that a user is multilingual.

Currently, our self-service option can only support users who advertise in Afrikaans, Bahasa, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Finnish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish or Danish. 

Learn more about geography and language targeting by visiting our help center.

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