Target based on broad interest categories

People come to Twitter to connect with the passions and pursuits that they find meaningful.

Twitter interest targeting enables you to tap into the many thriving communities on Twitter by delivering targeted communications to users based on the topics they connect and engage with on Twitter.

Interest targeting ensures that you’re serving up your campaign to users whose interests broadly align with your business. Coupled with compelling content, it can help you reach a receptive audience that is ready and excited to engage on the topics most pertinent to your products or services.

How interest targeting works

Interest targeting connects you to a large group of users by prompting you to choose from 25 interest categories that expand into 350 sub-topics, ranging from "Education" to "Sports". For example, if you are a web design company promoting an offer, you could choose to target "Technology" under the Business category, and "Web Design" under Technology.

Interest targeting best practices

  • Select no more than two interest categories per campaign. When you enter an interest category, related sub-interests will automatically populate. As your campaign runs, check back frequently to see which sub-interests perform best and worst so you can refine as needed. Each campaign should aim to have no more than 10 sub-interests.
  • Target related interests. Think of other interests your target audience is likely to have – they don’t have to align directly with your business category but they should be connected somehow (e.g. the target audience for a bike shop may also include people who like skiing and kayaking).

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