A restaurant chain created awareness around a new location

Poncho8 (@Ponchono8) is one of London’s most successful burrito bars, with six locations across the city and a distinct, quirky style. Their aim is to create top quality food and offer the best customer service in a fun, comfortable environment.


Poncho8 regularly uses Twitter as a channel for providing the highest level of customer service. With their quick and friendly responses, Poncho8 has built a strong identity for the business. 

For the opening of their new Paddington restaurant, Poncho8 needed to boost Tweet engagements to create awareness of the launch and bring customers through the doors. The Poncho8 team decided to run a Tweet engagements campaign with Twitter Ads.



Targeting young business professionals and foodies in London.



peak engagement rate on Promoted Tweets

"We wanted to see business results from our investment with Twitter Ads. With this campaign, we felt we were able to achieve this."

— Jelmarie Maldonado, Social Media Manager, Poncho 8

Keys to success

Let your personality shine

To encourage people to share their content, Poncho8 created Promoted Tweets that had a fun, light, and quirky tone. They also promoted the launch event by highlighting their menu and special offers. 

Use follower targeting to reach the right audience

In addition to people interested in food, Poncho8 wanted to reach young business professionals in London. To achieve this, they targeted followers like those of well-known and trendy publications such as @londoneating, @standardnews, and @TimeOutLondon.

Poncho8 closely monitored the performance of their campaigns and then adjusted their targeting to focus on the audiences that drove the best results. 

Be responsive

Interact with people in a way that is timely and friendly. Poncho8 used Twitter to provide highly personal responses that engaged their customers.

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