An educational app boosted installs among teens

Aceable (@Aceable) is an educational company that created an app that enables users to complete driver’s ed on their iPhone or iPad. The app is currently approved by the State of Texas for teen driver education, and the Aceable team has plans to expand into more states and include additional courses, such as defensive driving.

Campaign objective

Campaign objective

Aceable began using Twitter to connect with users who were participating in conversations about driver education, and to spread the message that the curriculum can be completed in a convenient and engaging way.

To drive installations of their app among their target audience,  Aceable launched an app install campaign with Twitter Ads.


Targeting teenagers living in the state of Texas.



lower cost-per-install using Twitter than with the competition

"Using photos from our real-life users helps our content stand out."

— Blake Garrett, Founder, Aceable

Keys to success

Showcase your customers

Showcase your customers

Aceable explored a variety of content styles to see which approaches drove the most app installs. One tactic that worked for them was sourcing content from their users. For example, they asked teenagers to share photos of themselves outside of the DMV after they “aced” their permit test. With permission, Aceable then used those images in their App Install cards.

Monitor in real-time

Aceable ran several campaigns featuring App Install Cards with different images and copy. To identify which Cards were the highest performers, they checked their campaign dashboard once or twice daily to leverage Twitter’s real-time analytics. Aceable then maximized their ROI by focusing more of their budget on the highest performing Cards. This enabled them to use their budget most efficiently.

Target relevant media

Target relevant media

Aceable needed a way to get their campaign in front of the right audience: teenagers. They used follower targeting to reach users similar to the followers of niche content creators, such as @SMOSH and @CameronDallas, that are popular with teens. Since the curriculum in their app is intended for new drivers, reaching a young audience was critical to their success.

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