A recruiting platform increased newsletter subscribers

Greenhouse (@Greenhouse) is a recruiting and onboarding platform that helps companies implement structured hiring practices that improve the way they find, interview, and hire candidates.

Campaign objective

The marketing team at Greenhouse was focused on acquiring new subscribers for their weekly newsletter, The Modern Recruiter Roundup. Since the newsletter program was focused on increasing brand awareness and purchase consideration, it was important to keep acquisition costs low. To bring their target audience to a newsletter subscription landing page, they created a website conversions campaign with Twitter Ads.


Targeting corporate recruiters in US and Canada



conversion rate (site visits to newsletter sign-ups)

increase in newsletter subscribers in one month

"Twitter is the best source for consuming and sharing content. We chose Twitter because we could easily target and deliver relevant content to the right audience.”

— Suzanne Holloway, Senior Marketing Manager, Greenhouse Software

Keys to success

Focus on consistent branding

The Greenhouse team included consistent branding across all of their assets, from their ad creatives to their landing page. This approach helped establish the brand identity and made for a consistent user experience when readers clicked through from the ad to the landing page.

Create highly relevant campaigns with Tailored Audiences

To re-engage with target audiences, the team used Tailored Audiences to easily reach people who had already expressed interest in their business. They were able to reach key human resources professionals and strong leads by uploading lists from their database.

Test and optimize to learn what works

The Greenhouse team tested four to six Tweets with slightly different copy to optimize the campaign for clicks. They found the Tweet copy that performed best communicated a clear call-to-action and the value of subscribing to their newsletter. Once the Tweets were optimized for clicks, the landing page was optimized for conversions.

Enter the #TwitterAwards

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