An e-commerce company increased engagements with fashion enthusiasts

@iclothing is an Irish-owned e-commerce website which sells women’s clothing and footwear to customers across Europe. They’re a young and vibrant company dedicated to providing the latest high street fashion for less. 

They partnered with Wolfgang Digital (@WolfgangDigital), a digital agency, to create their campaign.

Campaign objective

iCLOTHING wanted to be a larger part of the conversations about fashion happening regularly on Twitter. They decided to run a Tweet engagements campaign focused on two custom hashtags, with the goal of increasing interactions among both their current followers and a wider customer base.


Targeting women living in Ireland that are interested in fashion.



peak engagement rate

Keys to success

Use custom hashtags to start a conversation

iCLOTHING created two Tweet engagement campaigns centered around the hashtags #iWant and #iWear. For #iWant, users were asked to Tweet a photo of a celebrity outfit, and iCLOTHING would respond to the Tweet with a matching outfit from their store. With #iWear, users were asked to share a photo of themselves in an outfit featuring iCLOTHING pieces. These hashtags kicked off colourful conversations and gave iCLOTHING great user-generated content they could then spotlight on Twitter.

Test different creative elements

iCLOTHING used different types of photos in their Tweet engagements campaigns and monitored performance closely. Through their testing it became clear that authentic, ‘real life’ images received much higher engagement rates than the more stylised images of professional bloggers and models that were used initially. As soon as it was evident that these images were higher performing, they were used across the campaign. 

Reach users who have visited your website

To reach users who had already shown a strong interest in their products, iCLOTHING used tailored audiences to target Twitter users who had visited their website, made purchases, or added items to their online basket. This helped iCLOTHING reach the most relevant audiences at a time when they were already primed to purchase.

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