Movie and TV show targeting

Twitter complements movies and TV shows by opening up the conversation on our platform. To help advertisers build upon their movie and TV strategies using Twitter, we’ve created this targeting type for Twitter Ads.


How it works

Movie and TV show targeting allows networks and brands to promote Tweets to people engaged with specific TV shows and movies, before, during, and after a telecast. Movie and TV show targeting makes it easy for networks and brands to easily to promote Tweets to people engaged with specific movies and TV shows.

Movie and TV show targeting gives advertisers the ability to:

  • Add frequency to existing movie and TV campaigns
  • Add reach beyond a TV buy
  • Use movie and TV signals as an approximation for demographics/interests

We use a number of different signals on Twitter to identify people that have a high likelihood of seeing a movie or TV show. Part of this is based on what a person Tweets (in line with when shows air on TV). We’re actively tuning our predictive algorithm to find users that we believe have seen the TV show and will be likely to engage with your Promoted Ads.

TV targeting is available in the US, UK, Spain, France, Canada, Brazil, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Argentina, Ireland, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela, Japan, Netherlands, Australia, Kuwait, UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, South Africa (English programming only), and India (English programming only). 



Get the details

You can reach people engaged with specific content with:

  1. Continuous targeting. Deliver Promoted Ads to people engaged with specific TV programs at any point your campaign is live. This is the default selection.
  2. New airing windows only. Deliver Promoted Ads to people engaged with specific TV programs around new show airings only. This is best used in coordination with serial TV programming, where brands consistently run TV ads.



Frequently asked questions

Can gender, device, language, and/or geo-targeting be added to targeted campaigns?

Yes, you can overlay gender, device, language or geo-targeting, but understand that narrowing your targeting will limit your campaign’s overall reach.

Is audience summary available for movie and TV show targeting?

Yes. The audience summary in the campaign form will give you an estimated audience size. Find out more here.

How does movie and TV show targeting differ from keyword targeting?

Movie and TV show targeting is a broad-reaching targeting tool that enables you to target shows and movies by selecting the title. Keyword targeting can achieve similar show targeting but requires manual effort to create exhaustive keyword lists.

Additionally, movie and TV show targeting makes it easier and more robust to target titles that would otherwise seem ambiguous with keyword targeting (i.e. Scandal, Suits, Sunday Brunch, etc).

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